Introducing VivHydro's AquaViv

The new way to treat waste water

Introducing VivHydro’s AquaViv​

The New Way to Treat Waste Water

AquaViv is an innovative, natural biological process which makes waste water treatment environmentally friendly, sustainable and more effective at lower cost.


AquaViv is based on a combination of specific archaea microbes combined with special micronutrients which enable them to thrive. The archaea in AquaViv bind with bacteria inherent in waste water and invigorate those bacteria to break down waste well beyond their normal capability with minimal requirement for chemical input. AquaViv operates in an anoxic environment which reduces the oxygen demand in the whole wash system thus reducing the cost of aeration by up to 50% and so increasing throughput at much lower cost.

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What AquaViv Does:

Promotes all biological degradation processes
Reduces (or eliminates) odours
Reduces fats, oils and greases
Reduces the need for chemicals
Reduces sludge and scum formation
Reduces the need for aeration
Decreases ammonia levels
Helps effluent plants to cope with “shocks”

Who Needs AquaViv?

Who Needs AquaViv?

AquaViv proves beneficial in a number of industries such as:
  • Food and Beverage processors for example dairy, meat, vegetable, breweries…

  • Waste Water Treatment Companies

  • Cooling Towers
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